Stepping Stones
Learning Centre

(Beauty World Branch)

provides tuition classes in English, Mathematics & Science for Primary & Secondary students, conducted by full-time and well-qualified tutors.

3.30pm-9.15pm (Mon-Fri, including PH)
9.30am-1.30pm (Sat-Sun, including PH)

Call us at

+65 6763 2660

Why Choose Us

Stepping Stone Learning Centre is proud of its full-time tutors, who are not just well-qualified professionals but also passionate educators dedicated to nurturing your child’s academic growth. Having years of experience in the academic field under their belts, our teaching staff is well-experienced in adopting tailored teaching methods to accommodate diverse learning styles and preferences.

Why Join Us?

Dear Parents

Do You Often Hear Your Child Comment Any Of The Above
After Their Examinations In School?

Is Your Child Is Putting Effort, But "Mysteriously"
Underperforming in Exams!

If Your Answer is Yes,
then We May Be Your Solution

At S.S.L.C

Students Come First

At SSLC, we are experts in education.
We provide students with PROACTIVE learning solutions and ANSWERING TECHNIQUES that
will stay with them, not just through examinations in school but through their
entire academic journey.

Students who have taken part in our courses have had proven success in boosting their
grades and improving their LEARNING and ANSWERING skills. We believe in nurturing each
student, providing not just academic support but moral support throughout the process.
Let's work together toward Your Child's Next Big Achievement.

Curated Answering Technique

Our Answering Technique address the child’s weakness and help them overcome boundaries and have a breakthrough in their current marks.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to align with academic standards while also incorporating innovative teaching methods to make learning enjoyable and effective.

Expert Instructors

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced instructors who are passionate about teaching and dedicated to helping students succeed.

Subjects We Offer


Our Formulated In-house Techniques help students in both Primary AND Secondary levels to comprehend English in a simplified manner


Engaging Primary and Secondary Students build a love for Maths and acquire simplified concepts to integrate into their learning.


Structuring a simplified learning process to help students better remember concepts and their application in MCQ and Open-ended sections.

We’re As Good As They Say We Are

Unlock your child’s learning potential at our tuition centre in Singapore

Our primary tuition centre is presently located in Beauty World and Bukit Panjang, Singapore. where both branches are run by efficient management and reliable teaching staff. Our strategically located education centres ensure that quality learning and education are conveniently accessible for your child. Now you can say goodbye to long commutes and find educational excellence in our primary tuition centre in Singapore.

Our learning centre currently has the capacity to accommodate 220 students, with two air-conditioned fully furnished classrooms that can house up to ten students each, allowing our tutors to provide individual attention to each pupil.


Bukit Panjang Branch

Blk 258 Bukit Panjang Ring Road #01-52 Singapore 670258

Call Us:+65 6763 2660/83838040

Teck Whye Branch

Blk 145 Teck Whye Avenue #01-159 Singapore 680145

Call Us:(+65) 6763 9798