Making Science Easy to Understand ​

Stepping Stones Learning Centre offers quality services for secondary and primary science tuitions in Singapore. We have established a science learning centre for our students, where the learning methodologies are designed to nurture young minds and instill a deep understanding of the scientific concepts and their application in real-life. We empower the students at the primary and secondary levels to excel in their academic journey and beyond through learning and application for positive outcomes.

We strive to nurture healthy habits in our students to ignite their curiosity and inquisitiveness. Our learning environment offers a safe space for them where they can explore and ask questions freely to satisfy their curiosity.

PRIMARY SCIENCE – Understanding and Not Memorising​

​ Our program tackles the typical worries of students, particularly in open-ended sections, by offering a thorough approach to enhance their problem-solving skills. Tailored to simplify complex topics, our comprehensive Science Program employs straightforward acronyms for commonly tested subjects, facilitating a straightforward understanding of key concepts. Furthermore, we underscore the incorporation of an in-house answering technique as a valuable tool, making the attainment of an 'A' grade more feasible for students of average proficiency.​

SECONDARY SCIENCE – Breaking Barriers in Physics, Chemistry and Biology​

The meticulously crafted science tuition program offered at Stepping Stones Learning Centre is meticulously designed to encompass an extensive array of topics, aiming to furnish students with a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the captivating realm of science. Through our Science Programme, we intend to bolster and complement the knowledge and skills acquired by students in their regular studies. This facilitates a robust foundation, ensuring that students not only comprehend scientific concepts thoroughly but also excel in their examinations through a well-rounded and enriched learning experience.​

Our Science Teaching Methodology​

​ At Stepping Stones Learning Centre, we present a thorough and balanced Primary and Secondary Science curriculum that emphasizes creativity and critical analysis and thinking. Our goal extends beyond mere subject instruction; we aspire to instill in students a sense of curiosity that will empower them to excel in diverse academic or professional environments later in life.


Our programme aims to equip each student to develop reasoning and analytical skills, and to have an open and inquisitive mind, nurturing in them a positive attitude towards Science.

Our lessons enable students to:

We offer comprehensive learning through various resources and techniques to help your child learn the essential concepts and perform well on their exams. We provide supportive learning for teaching examination techniques to kids, designed to help them tackle their examination questions in the best way possible. Stepping Stones Learning Centre also offers grade-boosting workshops for parents of primary 5 and 6 children to counsel them in helping their children ace the exam techniques and score high get high scores for PSLE.
Our program can equip your child with the critical abilities for excelling in the subject. Our teachers employ adept techniques to help students grasp scientific phenomena. Our approach involves translating complex ideas into easy language that resonates with students. This gives students the ability and confidence required to excel in their examinations.
At Stepping Stones Learning Centre, we cautiously follow the most recent primary Science syllabus outlined by MOE directives. We stay vigilant about any adjustments or amendments to the syllabus as mandated by the ministry. This enables us to ensure that our primary science tuition sessions are in line with the current science syllabus for primary schools in Singapore so we can offer our students the most precise and up-to-date knowledge.
Yes, besides primary science tuition, we offer secondary science tuition that covers advanced topics in biology, chemistry, and physics. Our secondary science tuition program includes secondary chemistry tuition for students looking to deepen their understanding of this particular subject.

How we can help

A conducive learning environment

At Stepping Stones Learning Centre Singapore, we deeply recognize the importance of building a strong foundation, particularly when it comes to critical subjects. Our science tuition program is designed to address each student’s distinct learning needs. We ensure that students learn all the fundamental scientific concepts with ease. Our experienced teachers are well-versed in the primary science curriculum and employ innovative teaching methods to make learning fun, engaging, and effective.

Extensive curriculum coverage

This science tuition program at Stepping Stones Learning Centre is designed to cover a wide range of topics to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the scientific world. We strictly follow the curriculum stipulated by the Singapore Ministry of Education to support the learning students acquire in their skills so they can understand the concepts well and perform well in their exams.

Our tuition services are not restricted to the primary level only. We also offer quality secondary science tuition services as well. Whether you need help with biology and physics or are seeking secondary chemistry tuition, we cater to all subjects.

Knowledge assessment

We continuously track students’ progress to assess their level of understanding. Our small classroom sizes ensure that each student gets personalized attention and that their weak areas are identified and addressed promptly.

Besides rigorous science tuitions, we also conduct regular assessments to gauge students’ hold of scientific concepts. This helps identify areas needing improvement and allows us to modify our teaching accordingly. We ensure our students are well-prepared for their school examinations, building their confidence in tackling academic challenges.

Practical learning

Considering the importance of hands-on experiments for learning science, our tuition program comprises various age-appropriate hands-on activities and experiments, allowing students to witness scientific concepts in action and improve their understanding of various relevant concepts. We achieve this by exposing them to the interesting world of science through immersive experiments and captivating videos.

Our expert tutors possess comprehensive knowledge of primary science concepts and have the expertise and experience to guide students through scientific principles and real-world applications, to foster in them a love for science and appreciation for knowledge.


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