Building a Strong Foundation In Mathematics​

Stepping Stones Learning Centre offers a specialized primary Mathematics tuitions program in Singapore. The program has been designed to provide your child with a solid foundation in the subject and inculcate in them a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, which will benefit them throughout their academic journey and beyond.

PRIMARY MATHEMATICS – Breaking Bad Habits to Breakthrough That Grade​

​ Our programme highlights common concerns parents have about their children's difficulties with mathematics and addresses this by providing a comprehensive approach to empower students with problem-solving skills. Our comprehensive Mathematics Programme is designed to help students understand key concepts, excel in exams, and foster creativity in problem-solving. Additionally, the inclusion of an In-house Answering Technique is emphasized as a tool to make achieving an "A" grade more attainable for average students.​

SECONDARY MATHEMATICS – Having A Solid Mathematical Background to Empower Applications​

Our teaching approach emphasizes mastering fundamental concepts before progressing to complex problems, utilizing various problem-solving techniques. During the progression, the integration of real-world examples and applications are incorporated. Recognizing that students grasp concepts better through practical relevance, the curriculum incorporates real-world scenarios. This connection between mathematics and everyday life aims to enhance engagement, make learning more interesting, and deepen students' understanding of the subject. The ultimate goal is not only to excel in exams but also to equip students with skills essential for success in the real world.​

Our Mathematics Teaching Methodology​

Stepping Stones Learning Centre offers a comprehensive and well-rounded Primary and Secondary Mathematics curriculum that entails creativity, and critical analysis in problem solving. Our aim is not to teach the subject only but to inculcate in students consistent “Think-Out Of the Box” attitude to thrive in any academic or professional setting later in their life.​


Our programme aims to enable each student to acquire and apply key mathematical concepts in both classroom and real-world maths problems and also, nurture in them positivity towards mathematics.

Our lessons enable students to:

F.A.Qs [Mathematics]

Specialized primary mathematics tuition programs can help your child grasp essential concepts and foster self-assurance in them that plays an important role in their achievements. At Stepping Stones Learning Centre Singapore, we focus on imparting the strongest foundational skills and offer access to a wealth of resources along with additional instructional sessions.
Yes, our curriculum is carefully planned and is in line with the Singapore Ministry of Education’s guidelines, ensuring that our students receive education that is in line with their school syllabus.
Our teaching methodology is to adopt a personalized approach to cater to the unique studying needs of students. The maximum number of students in our classes is ten, so all the students can receive proper attention, and their performance can be observed and assessed.
Our experienced mathematics tutors will assist the students in navigating the problem-solving process rather than simply demonstrating the solution. Our teaching methodology is centred on engaging the students with thought-provoking queries that guide them toward uncovering the appropriate methods. We refrain from solving problems on behalf of the students and encourage them to try on their own.
Our teachers employ various interactive teaching techniques, including games, real examples, and practical activities, to make math appealing and relatable, particularly for younger learners.
We also offer secondary math tuition to students. Please visit this link for more information on our secondary science and math tuition programs.

Our English Learning Centre Teaching Methodology

Stepping Stones Learning Centre offers a comprehensive and well-rounded primary and secondary English curriculum that entails grammar, vocabulary, writing skills, comprehension and creativity, and critical analysis. Our aim is not to teach language only; rather, we prefer to nurture versatility in communication so the students can thrive in any academic or professional setting later in their life.

We Build a Strong Math Foundation

The program at Stepping Stones Learning Centre focuses on building the best foundational skills in the students. We understand that these skills are pivotal for success not only in the school but also for future academic pursuits, which is why our experienced educators provide your child with high-quality instruction. This helps ensure that your child will develop a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts, laying the groundwork for their academic journey.

We provide access to superior resources

Be it any primary subject, we provide our students with a myriad of resources and offer support they will not find anywhere else. Our centre empowers your child with numerous resources to aid them in comprehending complex material and mastering key concepts.

This investment in supplementary learning contributes to improved performance in examinations and helps students achieve their academic goals.

We offer guidance through supplemental lessons

Our teaching services extend to offering supplemental lessons to the students for additional guidance.

We provide personalized assistance and tailored consultation

At Stepping Stones Learning Centre, Singapore, we go beyond conventional tutoring. We offer personalized consultation services to provide students with tailored guidance and support, ensuring their unique learning needs are met.

We conduct tuition sessions in small groups of ten or less students to provide personalized attention that enhances their understanding and problem-solving skills. This approach is adopted for secondary math tuition programs as well and guarantees that every student leverages their maximum potential to excel at their studies.

We teach through interactive tools

We employ various tools and techniques to make mathematics learning engaging and effective. From interactive games to different instructional materials, these resources help transform the learning experience. Our experienced mathematicians further boost the students’ understanding and confidence to enable them to tackle even the most challenging problems.

Register in our program for primary math tuition in Singapore

Invest in your child’s mathematical education today to pave the way for their future academic success. At Stepping Stones Learning Centre Singapore, our specialized Primary Mathematics Tuition program is designed to provide your child with a strong foundation in mathematics. Our personalized approach, interactive learning environment, and dedicated teachers will ensure that your child not only excels in math but also develops critical problem-solving and thinking skills. Contact us today to learn about our maths tuition program and register your child.

Improve your performance with our dedicated English tuition near you

Don’t just settle for any tuition centre near you. Enrol your child in our dedicated English learning centre to help them hone their skills and improve their understanding of the various concepts so they become more confident and articulate communicators and put their learning to good use in the future as the need arises. We can equip you or your child with the language skills needed to open doors to countless opportunities.

Contact us today to learn about our English classes for different primary and secondary school levels. We will be happy to assist you!

Our English Learning Centre Teaching Methodology

Stepping Stones Learning Centre offers a comprehensive and well-rounded primary and secondary English curriculum that entails grammar, vocabulary, writing skills, comprehension and creativity, and critical analysis. Our aim is not to teach language only; rather, we prefer to nurture versatility in communication so the students can thrive in any academic or professional setting later in their life.

Importance of English

English is used as the working language in common places of Singapore and most parts of the world. A student being proficient in English not only eases the learning process throughout the academic journey but also helps in picking up concepts in other areas such as Mathematics and Science.

How does SSLC conduct its classes?

Keeping to a small class size teacher-student ratio of 1:10, our educators ensure that each child is given maximum attention to identify weaknesses in Grammar & Vocabulary, correct bad habits with the use of exam answering technique and reinforce important Grammar concepts.

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Our programme mainly focuses on sections in English Paper 2, teaching students how to strategise & improve their answering skills for various sections such as Synthesis & Transformation & Comprehension Open-ended.

Our lessons enable students to:

Yes, we offer tuition classes for both primary and secondary students. We offer customized curriculum to cater to the learning needs of different age groups to facilitate a seamless transition from basic concepts to more advanced topics.
We offer a comprehensive curriculum in accordance with the student’s class levels and curriculum. You can find details for the class schedule here.
Yes, our classes are designed to encourage interaction among students, group discussions, and collaborative learning to boost their language development
Absolutely! Our teaching methodology is designed to prepare the students to strategize and improve their answering skills for the various sections of the exams. We enable the students to apply their learning of different concepts in their papers. The majority of our pupils experience an improvement in their grades after studying with our tutors.


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